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May 2015 Newsletter

//Our First Newsletter We are really excited about our first newsletter. We want to provide you with some information that will help you in the hiring process and getting hired, provide some information about Construction, Facilities, Industrial and Manufacturing industries, and tell you about what we’re doing in the community. We’re so thankful to have you as our clients, and this is another way for us to keep you as informed as we can in a fun way. We don’t just recruit for the top contractors in the construction… Read more

All is fair in love and References: The art of strategic warfare recruiting

The issue of references is a great topic and often simply overlooked or not viewed as such an important piece of critical data. References can be your Ally or your Enemy in the game of “Recruiting Warfare “ I can’t tell you how often I have actually heard, “who checks those references anyway, I know he/she is the right fit” or even this one, “I verified their previous employers”  and even worse  “I’ve already made the offer.” It is so easy to go thru your process of recruiting – screening-… Read more

Working Moms: The Ultimate Project Managers

“If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Benjamin Franklin may not have been talking about working moms, but his maxim bears out in studies that show a big boost in effectiveness for women who are parents and also employed. Despite today’s rosy, egalitarian views of shared parenting responsibilities, in practice, women still shoulder the lion’s share of household duties. Rather than driving mothers out of the workplace, this double duty has had some surprising effects: Women who parent are excelling in new ways on the job. When we… Read more

On A Job Search… Or a Career Search?

A person holds several jobs over the course of their career. Changing jobs within the same field of work is easier to do than switching careers. When you switch careers the person may have to begin at the bottom of the ladder and progress like any new entrant to that field. Someone who holds a job usually does it mainly for the money; advancement is not one of the priorities or the work may not be interesting. A person who pursues a career is seeking out connected employment opportunities which… Read more

Job searching success only requires using more resources

Trying to find a job is a long and detailed process, but millions find success every year. Taking advantage of lesser-known resources, and strategies quickly becoming popular among a new generation of workers, can help anyone stand a better chance throughout the process. According to Business News Daily, some of the best strategies may be turning to lesser-known trade websites and publications. The information they host can be a great tip or tool to improve future applications, giving users a more direct idea of what the companies accepting their applications… Read more

How to Be a Leader – Even When It’s Not In Your Job Description

One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of advancement within a company is to start acting the part of a leader, even if you’re not officially the leader. But don’t think that it’s just a matter of “fake it ’till you make it.” There are concrete, well-defined behaviors you can display that prove you’re leadership material, even if you’re still relatively new to the office. When it comes time for upper management to bring someone new into the ranks of the company’s brass, they’re going… Read more

Set your resume apart from the rest with a creative personal brand

One of the most delicate balances job seekers must perform when writing their resume is to come up with a creative document that stands out from the rest of the stack, while still conveying the necessary information and not alarming hiring professionals with too-far-outside-the-box methods. The best way to do this is to focus on establishing your own personal brand, and letting this shine through on your resume. It is important of showing – not telling – when it comes to demonstrating confidence, creativity, independent thinking and other traits companies… Read more

Fix common resume mistakes to improve your employment outlook

It pays to be careful when sending a resume out to prospective employers. The tiniest mistake, if noticed, could land your resume in the trash or recycling, putting you out of contention even before you’ve been fairly considered. An imperfect resume isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but many of the most common flaws with resumes can easily be fixed if you know what to look for. Always focusing on skills you’ve learned and excel at, rather than the positions you’ve held, is one tip. Even if you don’t necessarily have… Read more

Define your career goal in the job search

During the job searching process, setting up a customized career goal should be a key component of anyone’s approach. By having definitive metrics to work toward, a path will be laid out in front of you so you can know exactly what your next steps must be in terms of success. However, there are some specific aspects of the goal itself that should be aligned properly to better ensure success. There are some approaches to setting this goal that must be taken if hoping for success. For instance, the plan… Read more

Job searching when considering a move

In the current job searching landscape, some opportunities will inevitably come with choices. In some situations, a job seeker may be considering moving to a new city or state, or may find that a promising opportunity would require such a move. According to US News and World Report, the first thing to keep in mind in such a search is that things will likely take time. Barring some high-demand industries, it may take a few months for a position to arise. It’s important to keep this in mind from the… Read more