Maybe you're working and you just don't have time to go to school and further your education. Or, maybe you're out of work and can't afford to go to your local community college because  your finances are not what they use to be. We here at Building Team Solutions understand both scenarios (and a few others), which is why we are listing the best places to continue your education online and for free!

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#1. Coursera has modified versions of in-person classes offered by 33 university partners, including Brown, Stanford and Princeton. Students are evaluated by peers on weekly assignments, and get a certificate when the course is completed. Imagine that, you can go to Stanford for free!

#2. Apple Inc.'s iTunes U offers a way for anyone to develop an offer courses through the iTunes store.  Yale Entrepreneurial Institute and Oxford University also offer lectures free, many of them compiled from sessions that took place at the schools. Again, a Yale education for free and sometimes from your phone!

#3.CreativeLive This website is more for people seeking to start their own business and employ others. You will learn how to launch an online business and once course includes developing the Right Brain Business Plan. The classes a re taught by professors, marketing experts and business authors. Everything is free unless you want a one-on-one consultation.

No matter where you are at in life, continued education is important. With these resources now available there is no excuse to not attend school on a regular basis.