Most of the time employees think of their manager as the person who is able to hire, fire and enforce rules. In fact, I've seen employees dodge their managers simply because they associate their title with something bad. Why? Managers can be an worker's best advocate. In fact, managers can be an employee's Career Agent. I say this because employees tend to associate the word manager with something negative.


A Career Agent is someone who helps you, right? Right. They can help you answer questions as to what you can and can't do in your current position. They help you know when you are and are not breaking the law within your position. They can help promote you internally. They can advise you on which benefit package will be best for your situation. There is a lot that managers, sorry Career Agents, can do for you. The term manager shouldn't be thought of as a negative term. In fact, managers could by your best resource when a client or customer has an issue. If you develop a positive and professional relationship with your manager, he or she will tend to consider all the facts when a complaint comes into fruition or even when you need a vacation day during a hectic time at work.

"Get my agent on the phone" should be your thought process going forward at work. Your "agent" can help resolve several internal and external issues.  Managers are important because they make departments flow more productively. Even if your manager is a construction forman , you have a Career Agent available to answer any of your questions, help navigate challenges and provide potential growth within your career.