At Building Team Solutions, when we set out to help our clients find candidates for temporary staffing, permanent placement and traveling crews, we hope to do more than just simply find a person to fill in a job. We want to help our clients find the most accomplished candidates and build a perfect team, one that can cater to their specific needs and achieve their goals. In doing so, we build long-term, lasting relationships with both our candidates and clients. We want to not only create career paths, but also positively impact lives.


Construction jobs

Some of the happiest jobs in America are construction related

Our goal is to provide a supportive and positive recruiting experience, one that will lead to placing people in jobs in the construction, industrial, facilities and manufacturing industries that are a great fit, and will also make them happy.  A recent Forbes article listed some of the unlikely jobs that were found to be the “Happiest Jobs in America.” Although it might sound strange to the general public, it comes as no surprise to us that the positions Construction Manager, Warehouse Manager, and Property Manager were included in the top 10 on the list.

The article went on to say that people in these positions rate their happiness higher, in large part, because they are satisfied with the people they work with and the work they do. At Building Team Solutions, we work with clients that we know will provide candidates with a work environment that will foster growth and happiness. We also realize that the happiness of both our clients and candidates is dependent on a candidate’s ability to manage an operation seamlessly, without needing a supervisor to check in on them frequently. This is why we are constantly determined to find bright, energetic, dependable talent who see their job as a career path, not just a paycheck. Because we focus specifically on staffing for the construction, industrial, facilities and manufacturing industries, we thoroughly understand this specific niche and what it takes for employees and a company to succeed. When we find the right candidate to fill a position such as Construction Manager, Warehouse Manager, or Property Manager, we know that our client will be able to rely on them to accurately and efficiently complete all duties and exceed their expectations.  In turn, we hope that the people we recruit will enjoy working in a positive and fulfilling work environment, where they are free to focus on what they do best.

We take pride in knowing that the candidates we recruit will be happy in their jobs, and that our clients will be happy with their workforce. We understand that in order for a mutually beneficial relationship between our clients and candidates to work, it’s important that we find the people who truly excel in their jobs and place them where they’re needed most. Whether you’re a job-seeker looking to kick off a promising career in one of America’s happiest jobs, or an employer looking to expand and improve your team, we’re here to provide you with a valuable resource and positively impact your life.