What we can help you define:

Recruitment branding is a critical aspect of creating an effective recruiting function. Your brand is your calling card that often impacts your recruiting (and your retention) before you even begin – and you may not even know what that brand is if you aren’t actively developing and marketing it correctly.

  • Do you know what your employment brand is?
  • Do you know what your target employment audience thinks of your organization as a possible employer?
  • Are you actively creating and marketing your brand?
  • Are you the victim of your corporate marketing and branding effort?
  • Or worse, are you letting your audience create your brand for you?

Your employment brand is often intangible and can be challenging to understand and recreate – but both must be done in order to excite your target employment audience to work for your organization.

Branding can be accomplished through many advertising and communications channels, including direct mail, print advertising, radio, through special events, community outreach programs, retention programs and internal communications, and through the corporate recruiting web site.

While all of these media have a role to play, the most important is the web site. Organizations with excellent recruiting web sites often have the most number qualified candidates, the most satisfied hiring managers and the lowest costs.

Firms like Federated Department Store have developed exciting web sites that have attracted so many more candidates than any other advertising media that they can divert print advertising dollars to other activities.

And like Federated, successful employment brands start from the inside – a reflection of the organization. A brand with internal support will succeed in the external world you are trying to impact.

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