Staying positive during the job searching period isn’t as difficult as many people expect it to be. There will be issues that can make you less effective in your search, but there will be plenty of frequent detours you can take that will improve both your outlook and your prospects.

One of the biggest problems that many people face during the search is that they’ll find a great opportunity, get to an interview and then discover they’ve been passed over at the very end of the application process. While most people will inherently struggle with this situation, frustrated by their runner-up status, there’s another way to look at the situation. If you were seriously considered for the position itself, that means you were doing something right. If a prospective employer was interested in your abilities, the fact that they ultimately went in another direction does not discount the fact that you progressed further than many people in your position. If one employer liked what you have to offer, more will follow suit.

To make sure managers will like what they see, if you struggle with writing resumes and cover letters, just keep working on them. Over time, different strategies will likely lead to different (and likely, better) results. You’ll be able to improve your communication skills, finding a better level of success with each positive shift in your efforts. You can also take what you learn from these experiences and implement them in different contexts. As such, you’ll be able to improve your overall skills without any issues, and they’ll likely be on display in future efforts like interviews.

Expand your horizons
There are likely going to be many different opportunities you come across during a job search, and if you find that your current work isn’t drawing results from a specific industry, why not take a chance to apply to something completely different? Many industries will have similar skills highlighted in completely different industries, and whether you want to take a short break or completely reset your career, you should be able to find a new chance to do something different. If things work out, you have a new direction for your future work. If they don’t work out, you have new experience to put on your resume and an anecdote for future interviews showing how you’re willing to take on new challenges.

Over time, you can also help hone the direction you want your career to turn to in the job search. There will be several roads you come across, and each one has its own benefits.

Improve your personal skills
Some jobs will need you to send in writing samples or experiences from past jobs you’ve held, while others will want you to be more proactive in your daily efforts, Fox Business reported. If you struggle to meet these standards, don’t fret. Instead, take it as an opportunity to improve your personal skills. Working to improve your attitude and your usual experiences can lead to new self-realizations and help you learn more about yourself. Whether you work to arrange a better collection of your past writings or you focus on being more forward in contacting people from your network or potential hiring managers, the job search can leave you with improved skills either way.