Don’t Lie on Your Resume- not even a little “white one”

Even the little white lies can sabotage your ability to get a job. It’s easy to think that no one will ever really check to see if I worked there for 3 years …even if it was only 2. Or maybe you think no one will take the time to check reference (really?) or call the company directly to verify that the Manager you listed is truly a manager …and not your best buddy who worked in your department with you.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that small lies won’t be viewed as BIG ones by a hiring manager or recruiter.

You can't hide behind lies for very long

Something to think about when writing your resume is that everything about you is on the line, your integrity, your motivation, and your ethics.  These attributes are what today’s Hiring Managers and Recruiters are looking for when interviewing for job placement.  Don’t ruin your opportunity by thinking that those little white lies won’t matter.  Eventually they will catch up to you and worse yet they could impede you from getting that dream job you have been wanting.

So use these tips to help keep your facts straight:

  • List start and end dates (month and year). Be exact – call your old companies to verify if needed
  • List references who you know are still reachable and available (let them know your job hunting and your listing them). You want them to remember you and be ready for those phone calls
  • Don’t over elaborate your experience to the point of being misleading, be HONEST
  • Don’t list schooling or certifications unless you have them and are ready to submit verification when asked
  • Never think its OK to list that you have a degree if in fact you don’t, ‘almost only counts in horse shoes’. Although, you can use wording to describe your education as “ongoing” or “currently enrolled” but again only state the facts

Remember, you only have one chance to make a lasting  impression with your resume and basic information is easily obtainable by everyone through the world wide web. So remember: Be Honest, Be True and Be You.  Its the best way to land that job you really want.

This same philosophy of being honest and upfront extends to the Hiring Managers and Recruiters as well. As it was so well stated in this article by The Recruiter Network:, “ if they are treated right candidates will multiply” . Read more about  it here