It is my business to find clients the best employees for their business. While I use all types of recruiting and screening tools, social media has helped introduce me to candidates that may have never thought about stepping foot into my office. You see, many candidates are seeking new jobs online without using the term "applying", yes- there is a difference. These are people who want to find a better job but will not say they are looking for a better job out of fear they may lose the income their current job is bringing in.

These people take to the social media airwaves to test the waters and see what companies are hiring. So, it was only probable, I end up "bumping" into a lot of qualified candidates online who want me to help them (confidentially) find a new job.

If you are kind of seeking work (seeking without saying) and you want to use social media; here are some tips!

1. Get on LinkedIn... now! Seriously, stop reading and join LinkedIn if you don't already have an account. It is the mecca for HR networking.

2. Set up a blog. Talk about your work and yourself in a positive manner. Oh, and leave personal comments out. Write about what you know to show potential employers what an expert you are in your field.

3. Twitter. Use it to seek out companies you want to work for and then send them a direct message. This will help start a conversation and get a feel as to if the company is seeking someone of your expertise.

Of course, I'm here to help both employers and employees use social media (and my resources) to find work!

Britanie Olvera, CEO