We covered how to work with family in our last blog. Well, this blog is dedicated to working with friends. It might be harder than working with family.  You see, families often forgive and forget. However, many friendships have been broken because of work relationships that turned sour. Here is how to work with friends without ruining the friendship.

how to work with friends

Before you hire or go to work for or with a friend make a list of the pros and cons. The next step is to share this list with your friend. Addressing concerns and setting up boundaries and goals before a working relationship is formed is crucial.

Next, if your boss is not your friend, bring the relationship to his or her attention before you gain employment. This way you can address any conflicts and you can discuss the concerns and the benefits.  Some companies have a policy against friends working for or with friends. It is better to be honest upfront about the friendship then to lose your job later as a result.

Don't expect or provide special treatment.  Work is work. If you mess up, you shouldn't get a pass because you're friends with someone. More importantly, you shouldn't expect to carry a lighter workload because of a friendship.

Finally, don't discuss your friendship in front of other employees.  If you do, the friendship could cause resentment and worse within the workplace. Keep work at work and personal relationships outside of work.

Working with friends and family can be hard- but it can be done.