You’re ready to find a new job. You’re busy writing and then rewriting your resume. You’re pumped. You’re excited…… You find yourself frustrated because your resume isn’t getting a lot of action. If this is you – keep reading!

There are a few common mistakes people make when heading back into the workforce or when trying to find alternative employment. What are these mistakes?

First, too much personal information. Some people think writing about how many kids they have will guilt employers into hiring them over another candidate. This type of assumption is just wrong. In fact, you should keep personal information off of your resume.

You shouldn’t exaggerate your experience, either. Employers are on to this game by now and will verify your qualifications before hiring. For example, there was a candidate who recently put down that she was fluent in Spanish. So, we sat her down with a Spanish speaking HR rep. Guess what, she knew three words in Spanish. Don’t ever, ever lie on a resume.

Finally, don’t write a resume that is over two pages. Depending on the type of job you’re seeking, a two paged resume might be required to envelop all your experience but a one page resume is even better.