We competed in the IEC Central Texas chapter BBQ on October 3, 2015!!! We WON 2nd place brisket & 5th place fajitas!!

All girls team!  Beatin the boys!

The IEC is Independent Electrical Contractors. The electrical industry is the most technical of all building trades. It requires professional supervision and management to construct electrical projects. The only way to become a professional is through training, education and experience.

The mission of IEC is to offer independent electrical contractors quality education programs, industry information and services and by clear communication with governmental agencies, all helping to enhance their success, promote ethical business practices and providing leadership for the electrical industry.

IEC provides a forum for independent electrical contractors to continue learning while improving their company and their industry.

BTS (Building Team Solutions) owner Britanie Olvera says “IEC plays an integral role in the development and sustainability for the electrical trade in the construction industry. They offer comprehensive training & education for men and women who are seeking to become a professional tradesperson in the electrical field. But what is most impressive is not just the level and caliber of individuals that come out of the program, meaning their knowledge and skill, but the culture that is developed while they are in classes. The culture I believe is a direct result of the IEC organizations culture, leadership and electrical company members. This culture is one of integrity & professionalism. I think this paralleled with IEC’s unwavering commitment to adhering to an elevated standard of education combined with ethics and business practices ensure we are producing the best of the best in the electrical trade for Central Texas. We are proud to be members of such a dynamic and great organization.”   

Getting Back To The BBQ Contest!!These guys (and gals) know what HOT really means, HOT as in how to BBQ HOT!  BTS had a great time at the recent Central Texas BBQ Cook off. Building Team Solutions was excited to participate this year in our 1st ever BBQ competition at the IEC’s annual BBQ Cookoff. We were very lucky to have (2) other members of IEC, Jimmy with Bowne Electric and Randy Tillotson with IEC (who both compete together normal as a BBQ Team, called Smoke In Your Eyes) graciously offered to teach BTS owner, Britanie Olvera how to cook BBQ. They even let her attend another weekend competition with them so she could learn their technique and use one of their pits during the IEC event. Talk about elevated grace here… we are going to be competing against Jimmy and he was showing us how to BBQ and Randy who could not compete because he was hosting the event for IEC, loaned BTS his Smoker and his Trailer. That speaks volumes for the culture at IEC. It truly is about helping each other! 

So how did we do?  Well we BBQ’d our tails off, we were on a pit and trailer that we had only been around (1) other weekend prior, using techniques we had just learned (adding in a few of our own for secret measure – ha-ha). Which by the way means we ran out of some spices and had to improvise.. However, it worked! We placed 2nd in BRISKET overall and 5th in Fajitas (which was the blind category).  Needless to say we are very excited and humbled. 25+ teams competed in the BBQ competition. A big thank you to Jimmy and Randy for being such good teachers!   Jimmy and the Bowne team took Overall Champs, so that should tell you a little about the leadership and teaching quality we got!” 

“WE are very grateful to the IEC for hosting such a fun and exciting event and we are even more grateful to Jimmy @ Bowne Electric and Randy @ The IEC for being willing to mentor a young BBQ protégé like myself,” says Britanie Olvera. “Watch out guys, Im aiming for 1st next year in Brisket!” 

“IEC truly is Central Texas’s HOT organization. (yes the pun was intended).”  IEC promotes a healthy electrical division for the construction industry and ensures that a family style environment is mirrored, with steadfast leadership and a passionate desire to grow and light up America and Central Texas thru adequately trained and educated electricians.

If you would like to join the IEC association of electrical professionals and start receiving the benefits of IEC membership today here is the link…. http://www.centexiec.com