My company, Building Team Solutions, works with employers to help them find the right employee. But, what if you need to hire someone like now? You can’t wait to set-up with us (which we can usually accomplish within the same day,) or you just want to make a decision on hiring someone internally, and you have questions on which candidate to hire and which one to pass on.

Here are some tips on how to avoid hiring the wrong candidate.

#1. Job seekers are taught to break down your job description and weave it into their resume, which will make everyone look equally qualified. You need to ask specific questions during an interview to really get a sense if someone tailored their resume to reflect the posted job description or determine if he or she really is qualified for the job. Don’t just go by someone’s resume when it comes to qualifications.

#2. Experience doesn’t mean great skills. Someone can be mediocre at their job for years, if not through retirement.  And, you can have someone with little experience who is great at their job.  Don’t just hire someone because he or she has experience. Again, ask detailed questions within the interview to find the right match.

#3.  Don’t ask “can you do this?” Instead, ask “how would you do this?”  This question will help you determine if your candidate is a yes man or yes woman versus someone who is a self-starter and can actually perform.

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Britanie Olvera, CEO