Not all of us can work like the family on the Duck Dynasty TV show. In fact, working with family can be very rewarding but it can also divide families. Regardless if you work alongside a family member within a company or if you family owns a business, being together all the time when there is money involved can be the source of great stress and strain.

working with family

Here are some tips on how to work with family.

1. Set specific goals. Working with a family member is hard because you know that person on an intimate level. You know all their strengths, weaknesses, what is going on at home, etc.  No matter what the situation, dedicate yourself to remaining professional and set up goals not to talk about family at work.

2. Know your role. Family members often want to jump in and help each other. In fact, some family members want to take over your job because they feel they can execute it better.  Lead by example and don't jump in to help another family member at work unless asked. If a family member tries to do this to you simply state you will ask for help when it is needed.

3. Decisions, decisions. If you work at a family business then set up boundaries for decisions making.  The biggest problem is communication when it comes to family businesses. Outline the chain of command and post it clearly within the business. This way cousin Tom doesn't think he has the authority to hire and fire when you're away.

We can help family-owned companies properly employ people who will help set a neutral tone within the company.  Please call us for a free assessment.