Yes, we can help you find and hire remote talent. The trouble with remote talent is sustainability. Are you able to keep remote talent engaged in what your company has to offer?

When hiring, you want to consider employees who have worked independently before. This rule will outweigh experience. People who are able to work independently without much instruction will be a perfect match for a remote workforce employee. If you have to train someone to work independently, the habit is not embedded and it can cause sustainability issues.

Be considerate. I recently read “There’s nothing worse than being a remote employee who feels micro-managed from hundreds of miles away, or a manager who constantly questions how much work is actually getting done from remote employees.” I couldn’t agree more! You don’t know what the day-to-day stressors are on someone trying to work remotely when the team is miles, if not hundreds, of miles away. So, be considerate of what they are up against when it comes to in-person communication being missed and then weigh in what is getting done versus what is being occasionally missed.

Finally, attitude counts. To build a remote workforce , you have to find employees who are eager to communicate via devises such as Skype and video conferencing. Email is not enough on major projects. You also have to be willing to do the same. So, check your attitude. If you’re engaged and your employees are engaged- it should be smooth sailing when developing a remote workforce.

Until next time,
Britanie Olvera