Building Team Solutions is seeking the perfect person for a non-– profit project in Haiti. The Christian foundation is helping to rebuild Haiti with a state – of – the – art concrete block plant. So, how does this help Haiti? Well, it will bring job opportunities to Haiti and help create a concrete plant. Self-sustainment is the mission. The country is still struggling after the devastation three years ago. However, you don’t hear about this any further into days evolving and 24 hour news.

We are seeking a mission – minded and socially focused diesel mechanic. This is a one to two-year commitment. Lodging and transportation is paid, but the salary is smaller when compared to American standards.

Families are still rebuilding, there are hundreds of children who are orphan, and turning around the devastating situation in Haiti has been a slow process. The person we are seeking can help turn things around for the Haitian people. If you are semi – retired for someone looking to change lives and this is the position for you – pending you have the diesel mechanic qualifications. Our goal is also to build more plants in Haiti. You could help us accomplish this goal by joining our team and our mission.

In addition to having heavy equipment mechanic experience, it would be ideal for the candidate to have concrete manufacturing plants and equipment repair experience. Motivation is a must. We are looking for substance and a person who is willing to trade in a higher salary to promote a sense of community in Haiti. New paragraph details on this sighting, yet challenging, position can be reviewed by simply clicking here;https://webservices.tempworks.com/twselect/jobboard/JobDetails.aspx?__appid__=3c0c236d-8fe3-472a-bfcc-bbbe2cbf5769&__job__=710078