The other day I heard someone say that college was a waste of time in this economy and job market. I couldn’t disagree more. While more and more people are obtaining jobs meant for those with a college degree, there is something to be said for the levels of networking and character building brought on through the college experience. No one, and I mean no one, should let their future be dictated by the current challenges of society. Society’s needs change, the value of a good education does not.

Here’s September’s job report:

The report shows the unemployment rate is higher for those who did not attend college. In fact, if you attended college know that you’re more likely to be working now versus the average person. It is also a proven fact people who drop out of high school or college are more likely to drop out of the work force early on in life. Bill Gates is the exception to the rule, not the definition. I’ve heard more people tell me Bill Gates is doing just fine and he dropped out of college. While this is true, Bill Gates is who he is because his situation is uncommon. Statistically speaking, 3.2% of people unemployed right now finished college. That’s less than half the average unemployment rate in this country.

Don’t leave college (or refuse to go at all) because things seem gloomy right now in reference to the economy and job market. There are things you can learn in college that will make you more valuable to employers offering long-term opportunities.

Britanie Olvera, CEO of Building Team Solutions