I recently read a Human Resources blog that suggested unhappy employees arrive at work, on the day of their reviews, with an ultimatum in hand. Yes, the blog suggested an employee should bluff their employer with a fake headhunted story that provides them with more money, better benefits and an even more flexible schedule. The blog, which I will not link, said this tactic works 98% of the time to get employee the money, time off and benefits they deserve. Well, this is far from the truth.

I was really bothered by the bloggers audacity to even suggest this in a public forum. Many people will lose their jobs because of this terrible advice. If you don’t really have an alternate offer for employment, this “tactic” will harm you in so many ways- only starting with current employment.
First, office politics exist in every work environment out there. This doesn’t mean the politics have to be nasty, but there is a culture that goes beyond policy and procedure. If you’re valuable to a company work wise, you may not be valuable to them politically.

Second, your employer may truly appreciate your work and can’t afford to give you a raise without firing another supportive person on your team.
Third, the “tactic” is nothing more than a threat. If you feel you need to threaten your employer with a false ultimatum regarding a non-existent job offer… why are you at the company in the first place?

I sent a strongly worded letter to the blog’s author about the terrible repercussions his article could present. If you are looking for a raise or better benefits, be upfront about your needs but don’t ever use a lie as the basis for your argument. If your company can’t provide these items to you, it’s time to start looking for another job and we can help with that.

Britanie Olvera, CEO of Building Team Solutions