All companies are seeking to target the right customers and gain ROI when it comes to writing for and using social media avenues to grow business. But did you know you’re sitting on a gold mine with your employees and even your competition?

A big trend so far in 2014 is social media swiping. While it may pose (to only a few) some moral issues, it is a generally acceptable thing to do when done correctly. So, what is it? Stealing the social media subscribers of your employees and competition to follow your business online.

Ink magazine recently covered this trend and even gave advice. Ink suggests you “The best way to start is to perform a search on Google for your main keywords. Choose the most important websites based on: number of followers (Facebook, Twitter), posting frequency, and social interactions.”

While Ink has some great tips, I tell my clients to ask their employees before diving into grey waters. If you tell your employees to suggest posting a request for their friends to follow your business, you are gaining permission and don’t have to steal anything. Going after your employees’ followers by looking the employees up on social media and then engaging with their followers can actually surprise, if not weird out, your employees.

While our company can help grow your business by connecting you with the right employees, your employees’ social media accounts may just grow your business even further.
Until Monday,

Britanie Olvera, Building Team Solutions’ CEO