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If you're seeking employment, we can help. However, it is still a great idea to be active on the following Android Apps to help enhance your job search.

Start with LinkedIn on Android. LinkedIn is the only social network that truly connects employers and recruiters with job applicants. Hiring managers conducting a background search may want to spy your Facebook page, but serious employers will really consider the social worth you’ve amassed on LinkedIn.

Consider posting your resume on This Android app is able to keep real-time tabs on your virtual job search. Why? InDeed is the most widely downloaded job search app in the Android marketplace. It aggregates and organizes millions of job openings that can be searched intuitively.

For resume tracking purposes try ResumeBear. This app is a tracking tool that sends a notification to Android users the moment that their resume is opened.

There are tons of job-seeking apps available on Android. But these three tend to be the most used and most successful apps out there.

Still need help finding a job? Please call us. We can walk you through our hiring process!