The time has come to hire your first employee. Congrats. Now, what? While finding the right employee might seem simple- it isn’t. Each company has a different culture, which can impact standard duties and job requirements. Here are our tips for hiring the right first employee.

Start with not trusting your instincts. This is business, not friendship. Nearly 40 percent of all job applications and resumes include bogus or inflated facts when not accompanied by a firm like ours (which vets for this type of stuff). Trusting your gut when hiring is a liability to your company.

The key is to vet your first employee regardless of how trustworthy or qualified he or she seems.

Next, test for illegal substances. With more than 250,000 drug- and alcohol-related deaths a year nationwide, our society’s battle against substance abuse is far from over. Drug addicts don’t have a certain “look”, so don’t judge someone based on appearance. Instead, use pre-employment and random drug testing. If an applicant refuses a drug test, an employment offer can be denied or retracted.

Finally, look for bad behavior during the interview. This is, however, easier said than done. Psychological testing, handwriting analysis, skill and aptitude tests are assessment tools that business owners exercise today to help them select the best job candidates.

Good luck finding your first employee and please contact me should you need help or have questions.
Britanie Olvera, CEO of Building Team Solutions