There is a new way to find work. While it isn’t so popular right now, I think the method will go viral soon. Instagram job hunts are on the rise. But how can a simple photo help connect someone with the right job? Well, let us consider these facts:

1. 1 billion “Likes” go out per day on Instagram. That’s 1 billion chances for people to connect with one another.
2. Over 130 million people use Instagram more than twice a day.
3. Instagram allows you a custom handle, making a job search more proactive.

If you sign up for an Instagram account use a handle that tells people what you do. For example “freelance writer” is a great one or “NurseLookingForWork.” Be creative but to the point.

Don’t share photos you wouldn’t want a potential boss to see. Do share photos that are trending. When you log-on to Instagram, you automatically see the top trending photos. You should first like one of these photos and then create a similar photo and tag the trending photo with it. This will help you gain more viewers of both your photo and your handle.

You can also create a 15 second video for your profile that pitches yourself to potential employers. Using photos of yourself at industry events is clever, too.

Instagram might not land you the perfect job, but using social media to help refine your search does put you ahead of the crowd right now. Why not try it! Need help? Contact us today. We can help you find the right position for your needs and also talk social media strategy.

Britanie Olvera of Building Team Solutions