Bloomberg recently reported the amount of jobs available in the U.S. went down in January. Here is the full article:

My concern isn’t that jobs are going down as much as it is that employers now have the means to hire and aren’t. Construction is booming. This is a plus. But other industries are failing. I think the reason is that we have learned to live with one person doing two to three jobs for so long now, as a result of the failing company, that hiring more support staff to take over the assumed additional responsibilities now makes no sense to employers.

This theory scares me because employees usually equate to growth. The more support staff you have, the more customers or orders can be serviced. And while getting away with paying one employee to do two to three jobs may work for a little way, there is always going to be a burn-out factor. No one wants someone overly tired and non-enthusiastic working for them.

So, I ask you as you read the report above to really consider your company’s culture before you decide to not hire support staff. And ask yourself the real reason why you don’t want to bring on additional people? If you still have questions, or need help justifying why added help should be acquired, please contact me.

Britanie Olvera, CEO of Building Team Solutions