It is a scary world out there. So, before you quit your day job to either start your own company or go to work for someone else, make sure you understand these three important principles.

Ask yourself why you really want to leave. I hear people say they want a new job because they can’t stand the people they work with a million times a day. Those people don’t pay your bills, you do. And, wherever you are going - there will be people there you don’t like. Is it really worth moving companies because you can’t get along with someone? Yes, you. Someone at your current job may be a jerk, but what are you doing to try to ease the situation?

Ask yourself if you’ve done everything possible to work on the situation at hand. Besides a legal issue, most challenges at work can be addressed and fixed. You have to face them first, however. So, ask yourself if there is anything left for you to do before you quit that may correct a negative situation at your current position. Even if you’re leaving a great situation, ask yourself why and then ask yourself if there is any thing your boss can do to keep you there. If there is, ask your boss.

Finally, what is your plan if the new job doesn’t work out in 90 days. Many people fail to address this topic because they want to think positive. Yes, positive thinking is great to do but you have to also have a back up plan. Do you?

Think about these points over the weekend before you quit your job. If you need further pointers, call my office!

Until Monday,

Britanie Olvera, CEO of Building Team Solutions