All businesses have to start somewhere. Unfortunately, that somewhere isn’t always backed by ideal resources and unlimited money to invest in growth. That’s why I am writing this blog. I want to share a few ideas to help you grow with minimal resources.

Start with your social media marketing efforts. It you’re too busy to do all the social media updates for your company, focus only on email. This method is still the most impactful when it comes to actual ROI. So, if you are short on time and don’t have the ability to hire an admin staff, go with email marketing until you can.

Next, focus on referrals. Create a GREAT referral program, not just a good one. If you can’t afford to post ads to have businesses find you, use your customers to advocate for you via an incentive based program. This works and you can grow to the point where you have enough money to start hiring employees.

Finally, don’t focus on areas that you can’t service. Do what you do well and don’t worry about expansion just yet, instead focus on brand growth and developing a current customer base. The employees and the major projects or service upgrades can come later.

Britanie Olvera, Building Team Solutions CEO