We have some amazing clients. Truly, we are so blessed to be able to connect great employers with talented employees. However, there are times we will be called upon to help connected an employer with employees and realize the new business shouldn't be thinking about hiring just yet.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is thinking about expanding your employee network, even temporarily, please read this to ensure you are ready to hire.
The first rule is you will have a real weekly expense to take care of. You can’t skip out on someone’s salary to pay a bill. If you have a slow week, you still have to pay employees. The reason this is being mentioned simply is based on experience. Some entrepreneurs hire sales people believing they will offset their salary by the sales they bring into the company. The truth is not every sales person is going to have a great sales week! Either way, they need to be paid. Are you ready to pay your added employees weekly even when the company is not making money?

Are you hiring the right position? Some clients want a data support clerk immediately. When we review the tasks, the job really should be called Executive Assistant or Marketing Clerk- which are two very different skill sets and salaries.

You also need to ask yourself if you have anyone on board who can take on the added responsibilities for half the cost of hiring a new employee. While we love to connect employees with employers, sometimes it is best to add to an existing’s employees work load.

If you’re thinking about hiring for the first time then please call us. We are able to help you navigate not only your employment needs, but who and what it is that you really need to amplify your business.