Social media has helped employees connect with employers. And while this is great for employers wanting to gauge character before interviewing an employee, many are missing the mark when it comes to asking the right questions when engaging with a prospect employee on line.

Here are Building Team Solutions’ Top 3 Questions Every Employer Needs to Ask a Potential Employee Online!

1. Give me a random bit about yourself. This is a great question because you can tell a lot about someone’s personality by how they use this opportunity. Do they use this chance to complain about their past job? Are they negative? Do they talk about an extreme sports hobby that reveals what a risk taker (and possibly habitually injured employee) they might be? Do they volunteer often and care about people?

2. How can you contribute to our company’ culture? This question often stumps employees focused on selling their skill-set to employers. Asking about culture will also help you decide if someone will fit in with your office protocol and other employees.

3. If you could ask my just one question what would it be? This is a great exercise because the employee has to think on his or her feet and it will review how knowledgeable they are about your company and brand.

Finding the right employee is the most important thing you can do for your business. Great employees promote your brand’s image to every customer they come into contact with. So, guess what terrible employees can do for your company!

If you need help finding the right candidate- contact us. We are always available to provide skilled and personnel for your world-wide staffing needs.