It is no secret that construction jobs in Texas are booming. But, there are other jobs available too. One of the most popular growing jobs is the sales associate. While many people don’t want to do sales, a pay per performance scale (on top of an hourly wage) is worth consideration. Companies are looking for great sales people and they are willing to reward the ones who produce results handsomely.

We here at Building Team Solutions decided to put together a few tips to have a great sales meeting for those of you seeking a job in sales or looking to boost your skills.

1. When selling anything use positivity and high energy to your advantage. Research found those who sell anything (including working for their company) will have an outcome laced with poor results and next to no sales.

2. Include personal stories about yourself, but limit them to a minute and stay away from anything too personal, too involved or too depressing. Quick notes about a recent graduate or wedding work best.

3. Be clear about your agenda right away. Research also shows people don’t like being tricked into buying something. Don’t waste five minutes of someone’s time before you indicate you are trying to sell something. Be upfront and tell them you’re going to go over the pros, the cons and the offer.

We’ve included these tips about selling products and services because many jobs are becoming available in sales. Even administrative support positions now have an element of sales and customer service to them. Additionally, those in charge of interviewing you for a potential sales position will give you a product on the spot, allow you a few minutes to study up on the product, and then want to hear a sales pitch. Don’t hesitate to use the tactics noted above.

Happy Friday!
Britanie Olvera, Building Team Solutions