Let's say you landed your dream job. You're having trouble fitting in with the culture. It seems no matter what you say, other employees (or worse, bosses) are taking your words out of content. Here are a few tips to fit in better and keep you from saying the wrong thing.

First, don't interrupt someone who is talking too much. If you start explaining an idea, or anything for the matter, and someone runs over you and talks, and talks, and talks, and ...... simply wait for the person to stop talking (yes, it could take a while) and then say you're going to use the opportunity for both you and him (or her) to pause and take a breath. This demonstrates leadership. You're regrouping and getting back on track and point. It also allows you a second to gauge if the other person is really receptive to what you have to say or if you should stop the conversation and revisit it later.

Next, if someone is really out of line don't argue. Instead, offer an apology. Say you're sorry that he or she feels this way. Don't apologize for your behavior if you're not wrong. Follow up the statement with "I encourage you to put your statement in writing with Human Resources." This will diffuse the situation or allow you to sit down with HR and hash out the issue before it gets worse. Most of the time, people with non-issues and who are bullying other employers will not want to take the issue to HR.

Finally, keep calm. Never on load at work. No matter how right you are, or how wrong someone else is, this will result in you looking bad and possibly being fired.