Ever hear someone state that they “hate” their job. Well, CNBC actually did a survey to see what the most hated jobs in America are. Here are the results;

1. Marketing Manager. People in this position cited “no direction” 98% of the time as far as the reason behind why they hate their jobs. A marketing manager is responsible for overseeing advertising and promotion. This involves developing strategies to meet sales objectives, based on the study of such factors as customer surveys and market behavior.

2. IT (Technical) Support. 87% of workers cited “panicked people who don’t listen” as the reason they hate this job. “Technical support analysts help people with their computer issues. This typically amounts to calmly communicating technical advice to panicked individuals, often over the phone, and then going on site to find the client simply hadn’t turned the printer on.” – Source CNBC.

3. Web Developer. Can you say change, after change, after change? Yes, 99% of workers in charge of web design dislike their jobs because of the multiple changes clients make.

So, the next time you’re thinking about switching jobs, or why an employee may look unhappy, consider the points noted above!

Until tomorrow,
Britanie Olvera, CEO of Building Team Solutions