Everyone will make their resume look great. So, how do you get by the paper sell and actually know when you’re hiring a great employee?

Seeking out amazing skills is harder than you think. We help our clients find the perfect employees because it is our company’s main priority. It is what we here at Building Team Solutions do. But what if you want to learn this skill yourself? How do you seek out great qualities when hiring someone and what is the best quality to look for in a potential employee?

Personality is key. Experience comes with time. Skills can be taught. Personality can make or break a company and your profit margin. You can hire a highly skilled and greatly experienced person, but if he or she doesn’t blend well with your company’s culture, or they are rude to clients, you’re going to have a big problem on your hands.

You want to see how the person interacts with others, not just you. Of course, during an interview everyone will be on their best behavior. Put serious candidates into the mix for a day or two. Get the opinion of your current employees who will be working right besides the new person. Really understand who they are and how they operate before making a job offer simply based on skill or experience.

Again, a person’s personality will truly determine how successful they are within your company and how successful your company will be as a result of their addition.

Until next time,

Britanie Olvera, CEO of Building Team Solutions