We help people find work each and every day. But what if you’re trying to go it alone? We pulled the easiest ways to start making small changes in your job search that will yield big results.

#1. Learn from resume and interviewing mistakes you made this year. Don’t keep doing the same thing. If your resume hasn’t landed you any promising leads for more than two months, it is time to make a change. If you get to the interview, but haven’t received an offer- the same rule applies.

#2. Hire your family. Yes, friends and family are a great resource for referrals. They become even more motivated when there is cash on the table. Offer to pay the person who refers you to a job that you can land a 20% finders fee of your first two paychecks. Money will motivate people to help you connect with their job referrals and paying someone a finders fee is worth it!

#3. Volunteer to work for free. Give someone a taste for how great you really are by showing them, for free, what you can do.

#4. Follow-up on all leads. Don’t be pushy, but be aggressive. Stop by the employer’s office with coffee for the staff, send a Thank-You note that is hand written. Be creative and follow up.

#5. Ask for help. Companies, like ours, know who is hiring- even when the jobs are not posted online or in the paper. We are a great untapped resource to help people and employers connect!