Uh oh, it's almost Thanksgiving. Are you ready for the Obamacare deadlines? You should be, one has already passed! If you're like many HR specialist and business owners who are turned around by Obamacare, don't panic. I've come up with three easy tips to help you navigate Obamacare for your company.

1. You can afford to offer healthcare. Don't think you're going to be so heavily taxed that the penalties are a better option. If you have less than 25 full-time employees, you can actually get a tax credit for offering only 50% of health care coverage with your employees picking up the balance of the tab!

2. You aren't forced to buy anything or change anything in specific. If you already have a health plan for employees, great. You don't have to change it. If you're happy with the policy, you can keep it.

3. You don't have to go it alone. Get your CPA and company attorney , even a broker, involved to help guide you through the process. Many business owners feel stressed out because they're trying to absorb a lot of confusing information at once and alone. Don't go it alone, ask for help and then make decisions based on the information you receive.

Obamacare doesn't have to be as scary as it is made to sound in the media, regardless if you agree with it or not.

There will be no blog posts updated until Monday, December 2nd per the Thanksgiving holiday.

Stay safe everyone,

Britanie Olvera, Building Team Solutions