You're applying for a job. So are 30-40 other people. Each person believes there is something on his or her resume that makes them stand out. How can this many people, all applying for the same job, be extraordinary? Well, it is possible but it doesn't mean it is obvious.

Here are a few traits that make job candidates stand out. If you possess these traits, feature them on the very first line of your resume... .even if you have to do this before your name and title line.

1. You know a lot of people. This marketing niche is valuable to many employers who are seeking new clients and/or opportunities. If you know a lot of people (especially within the industry you're applying for), say so!

2. Can you bring out the best in others? Note this on your resume. Richard Branson once said "If I could read a balance sheet, I wouldn't have done anything in life." It is important to know and work your strengths and get others to work theirs. If you can show an employer that you can do this as a natural leader, you will become valuable far beyond other candidates.

3. Don't shut out opportunities. If you can be flexible with your schedule, title and/ or salary- say it. No, this isn't desperation, it is the ability to do whatever it takes to get to where you want to go. Employers love this quality in people. You're a do'er not a talker.

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