I know this is a CEO blog. Today's post can be applied to any aspect of life, not just work. And you can be at any level of employment to utilize these tips.  I recently watched a video on employing powerful people in all positions.  I was inspired because companies are only as strong as their weakest ling.  Each person's job is important and should be executed perfectly.  In life, your job as a quality human being is important and should be executed with dignity. So, how do you become amazing at work and in life?

The answer is simple.  Two things.  That's right. There are two steps required to be an incredible employee and an even better person.

1.  Make others feel important by being selfless. That's right, selfishness is a terrible quality. You don't always deserve praise. And, even if you do, support the others who helped you obtain it. Be grateful to others, make others feel important and always show your appreciation.

2. Think outside of the box.  Don't go along with ho-hum ideas. Instead, think about being spontaneous or outrageous. Let's say you have a client who is always complaining.  Instead  of avoiding the phone calls or saying you "can't" do something, send him or her a $10 Starbucks gift card for no reason.  Or, if you're a team leader- decide to host a karaoke party at your home to help bring your team together.  Maybe you're unemployed and feeling a bit down about your circumstances. The next time you drive by a homeless person, understand it can be worse. In fact, deliver him or her lunch. Be the expected version of yourself!

These tips may seem very simple, but simple works.  Try them and let's discuss your results on Facebook and/or Twitter!

Britanie Olvera, CEO