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Tough Interview Questions

It happens. You're prepared for a big interview and then your tossed a curve ball. Before you know it, a question you were not prepared for is asked and you are stopped in your tracks. How do you handle this situation? First, let me say before you panic remember to remain positive. You don't want to ever say anything negative about anyone else, a customer or your past employer. One curve ball question that is being asked a lot in today's interviewing culture is this; "tell me about the worst… Read more

Salary Negotiations 101

Even though we provide staffing for companies, a salary or hourly wage has to be determined by you- the employer. Sometimes, depending on the type of staffing we're providing, negotiating will come into the mix. Well, if you've never had the "joy" of negotiating money with an employee, here are a few tips; 1. Throw out your numbers first. Yes, numbers! You have to be clear what your range is. So, you might say to an employee that you're willing to negotiate a raise between 10 and 20 percent based… Read more

3 Team Building Tips for Employers

My business is the HR business. I have to advocate for both employers and employees. Team building exercises tend to really help when it comes to meshing these two sides together. There are several resources online for team building advice. If you simply Google the term "free team building exercises" over a million hits come up. Just check out this link! I've spent a day or two looking through all the free advice online. While some tips are great, there are a lot of bad ideas out there. Some… Read more

Leadership Passion......

I'm often asked about leadership. The topic is related to a variety of questions concerning how to hire the right people, when lack of experience is outweighed by educations, etc. While these are great questions, i'm usually more concerned about the people in leadership roles asking the questions. Leadership is about tapping into a company's culture and moving it forward using subtle changes. It requires an internal dialogue and instinct to know what is right for the company and how to obtain it. And if you're not passion about what… Read more

Try Before You Buy

You found a temp and you love him or her. You want this person to grow with your company. You've tried before you've bought and you're loving how your company is benefiting. So, is there a downside to hiring a temp? I am often asked this question. Well, there is no easy answer. The solution isn't a cookie-cutter one, you have to evaluate your company's specific needs and budget. said it best when they were quoted as saying "Posting a position as a temp-to-hire opportunity means that you’ll be… Read more

Learning from Jennifer Walzer, CEO of Backup My Info.

I recently watched a video featuring Jennifer Walzer. She is the CEO of Backup My Info.  Jennifer was speaking to about hiring practices at her company.  She requires all resumes to be accompanied by a joke.  Why a joke? Well, her tactic is very smart.  First, if there is no joke attached to a resume then she knows the candidate didn’t follow instructions. And if a candidate can’t follow instructions on a task that could bring him or her money- they will not respect the company they work for.… Read more

Firing Employees

While no one ever likes having to fire an employee, it does happen- and for various reasons.  There are a lot of steps required to fire an employee legally and ethically.  Termination has to be executed to protect a company from different types of lawsuits and public embarrassment. A terminated employee can be rightfully fired but this doesn't prevent him or her from sometimes going to the media to cry foul. How you fire an employee sends a powerful message to your remaining staff.  If the employee decides to contents… Read more

Be Amazing At Work.

  I know this is a CEO blog. Today's post can be applied to any aspect of life, not just work. And you can be at any level of employment to utilize these tips.  I recently watched a video on employing powerful people in all positions.  I was inspired because companies are only as strong as their weakest ling.  Each person's job is important and should be executed perfectly.  In life, your job as a quality human being is important and should be executed with dignity. So, how do you… Read more

Jobs in Texas. Yes, We're Hiring!

We are hiring. We have been hiring. Our clients are listing some positions. While other clients simply look through our application data base, without advertising the position, to cherry pick the perfect candidate.  Are you looking for employment? As of today, I'm posting some of the latest positions we have been hired to fill. You can always apply online (24/7) and if you don't see the perfect job for you- apply anyway. Like I said, we have some clients who wish for us to NOT advertise the job. These clients… Read more

2 Ways to be A Better Manager

  CEOs often have held a manager position at one time or another in their career.  I find the difference between being a manager who moves up to executive management and being a manager who stays complacent is the ability to improve and take action (or vice versa). Are you taking action today to improve your managerial skills? There are two ways you can start becoming a better manager today. These actions should be exercised on a daily basis. #1.  Don't solely focus on external customer service. Your job is… Read more