It is really sad to know there are millions of people in this country going without extended unemployment benefits this soon into 2014. While there is something to be said for a positive attitude, I know how hard it can be to keep the faith. As the New Year is headed into its third day, let me give you some quick and easy tips to help move your job search along. Yes, applying with us does improve your chances. But, if you're still curious, take a look at my best tips to find work in 2014.

#1 Don't focus on what you can bring to the job. Instead, note what others can't bring to the job. My point here is to amplify what makes you unique. Don't use a lot of space talking about how you're qualified for the job. Talk about why you're better for the job than the John Joe competing for the same position.

#2. Know you're social media account is your first impression. Don't think for a second that a potential employer isn't going to Google your name. He or she is going to Google you before they even call or consider you. Take those New Year's Eve party photos down now.... which shouldn't be up in the first place.

#3. Don't appear desperate. Be confident on your application, in your resume, and on all your social media accounts. Don't talk about how you're not getting hired. Talk about your industry, instead. Brag about how you know your craft and discuss industry issues on blogs under your real name. This truly does help!

We're here to help you, too. Please feel free to call my office and come in to discuss employment and training options.

Happy New Year!
Britanie Olvera, CEO