So, the time has come to ask for a promotion. But, you’re scared. The economy isn’t at its best, people are still unemployed, and you’re really not the best at demanding payment for services that are producing. Well, don’t fear- Building Team Solutions is here!

building team solutions

If you’re seeking employment but are not sure how to ask then follow these tips.

Step One.  Be positive but present your case.  You don’t want to be aggressive when asking an employer for money. No one is owed a raise.  When presenting your case make sure to briefly outline your accomplishments within the year, how these accomplishments benefited the company and your department, and go in armed with the documented proof.

Step Two. Be specific when asking for a promotion. Do you want a financial promotion or do you want a specific position? What are your expectations and timeline? If you’re asking for more money then present fair market value in statistics that can be verified.

Step Three.  Don’t involve your personal life.  Companies are not human beings. The bottom line is a promotion is all about the bottom line.  Companies don’t care about your child care expenses, that your spouse lost his or her job, or that you want to buy a house within the year. Maybe your boss cares, but the company doesn’t.  It is unprofessional to argue personal reasons to justify a promotion or a raise.