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As the CEO of Building Team Solutions, I am often asked about recruitment advertising.  Does it work? How much should I spend? What are some mistakes to avoid?  Yes, recruitment advertising does work but it can backfire.  Here is what you need to know;

  1. Maintaining your ads.  Don’t set a run on a position for 10 weeks straight.  Chances are you will find an employee within the first two weeks.  Old ads can equate to annoying phone calls, upset walk-ins, etc.  Make sure to always update and change your ads. And, if you’re not see a great response –consider what your’re saying or not saying in the ad.
  2. Set up a tracking system. Run a marketing A/B split test. Use one promo code for one paper and another promo code for an alternative paper.  The responses for each code will tell you which paper or ad is working best. Tracking is important as it tells you how your money is being spent and how well the ads (ROI) are performing.
  3. Are you getting quality resumes? If your ads are bringing in terrible candidates then consider advertising somewhere else.  If 70% of resumes are bad ones- it is time to take your ad to a different demographic.
  4. Follow up with everyone! Don’t let resumes get cold- anything over 48 hours is like eating guacamole after 2 days (its brown and not as fresh). Make sure you follow up and take the time to engage people. You may connect with someone over the phone who didn’t stand out on paper.
  5. Follow up with all candidates. This is crucial for your company’s brand. If someone isn’t a good match, be honest with them. But, you can also refer them to other companies or resources that may work for him or her.

Have a question about recruitment advertising? Let’s talk. Track me down on Facebook or at the office. I’m always happy to help you find the right candidate.

Britanie Olvera, CEO