I've been posting a bit on temporary work. Well, most people seeking temp work really are after a permanent job. While the word "temp" might seem unattractive, let me give you the reasons behind its almost perfect setting:

1) Opportunity to work for companies that rarely advertise (because they found working with placement agencies and staffing firms saves them time and money).

2) You're able to test out The company. Do you really like your manager? How about your co-workers? You can discover if a company really is a great match for you based on a trial "temp" period. Likewise, the company can make sure you are what you speak! Are you really the beat employee ever?

3) Land your dream job by trying several out! Think about it, if you put all your past jobs on a resume, hiring managers gloss over you without so much as a phone call! Job hopping on a resume is usually defined as ("not employable"). But with a staffing firm, your resume has one name and one set date range. So, you really can job hop without the negative consequence - and find your dream job in the meantime.

4) Free career counseling! When is the last time an HR department offered all this in a natural, comfortable environment and where you could be yourself and say what you wanted without dire consequences? Well, staffing firms offer this. The more they help you and train you, the more employable you become which also helps them out.

So don't squint at the sound of the phrase "temporary position"- it might be the best thing that can happen to you.

Britanie Olvera,
Building Team Solutions