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Finding A Job – It IS easier than you think!

Many people buy into the “hard to find a job” headline. It can be hard to find a job, but it isn’t as tough as the media is making it out to be.  If you stay strong, stay consistent and use the right tools – you should find a job quicker than people who are busy complaining that the work isn’t out there. The first step is to review your resume. What does your resume say about your skill set and work ethic?  Make sure your resume is concise, uses… Read more

Writing A Great Resume!

There are a lot of websites offering free advise when it comes to writing a job-catching resume. The truth is that employers are seeking great candidates who know how to market themselves in a challenging employment culture. Building Team Solutions is one of the top recruiting and staffing firms that specializes in the areas of Construction, Facilities, Industrial and Manufacturing. But, when it comes to finding any type of work, our tips can help! #1 – Don’t forget to list the job title. This is a huge oversight many people… Read more

Dos and Don’ts of All-Star Recruiting

Dos and Don’ts of All-Star Recruiting At Building Team Solutions, we’re all about learning and growing as recruiters while help candidates find jobs that will enable them to learn and grow. We’re committed to constantly looking for and utilizing new recruiting strategies and figuring out innovative methods to finding the best possible candidates for our clients. We know that in order to impact lives positively and help build quality teams, it’s important that we’re always looking for ways to improve the recruiting process. With the help of this article from… Read more

Are You Hiring High Achievers?

When you’re preparing to interview a potential candidate for a job, what do you do? Do you look over the job description, and try to get a feel for what you client is looking for? Do you use a general set of questions designed to screen applicants for a variety of jobs, or come up with questions catered to the specific job at hand? Does your company have a complex interview structure you’re expected to follow, or are you generally free to decide what to do as you go? When… Read more

RECRUITERS: Impact Candidates Positively

As the founder and owner of a boutique style recruiting and consulting firm (See my blog about BOUTIQUE STAFFING  here), I found it a bit disheartening to read this article from The Recruiter about recent ugly exchanges between a couple of recruiters and job seekers.  Unfortunately, in these exchanges recruiters spoke in an unprofessional, arrogant tone, suggesting that candidates should be more appreciative of their assistance, and regard their opinion highly. We can’t be sure if inexperience, pent-up animosity because of their own career or life choices, simply a bad… Read more

So, What Do You Do Here, Anyways?

In today’s challenging job market, there are more people than ever turning to recruiters and staffing agencies to help them start paving the road to a rewarding career. And as the companies strive to return to their pre-recession state and reach their goals, many are on the hunt for qualified, exemplary candidates who will help them move forward. Sometimes, it seems that job seekers and companies alike can be a little confused about what exactly we’re here to do.  The Recruiter recently posted an article providing helpful tips for how… Read more

Recruiting the Perfect PERSON for the Job

We’re definitely interested in finding out what lies beyond the words on their resume. Before we make a hiring decision, we make sure that we’ve gotten to know an individual as person, not just as a name on a piece of paper When you set out to expand your company’s team, how do you know that you’ve found the perfect candidate? Are you more impressed by an awesome education, or an extensive work history? Are you more concerned with what’s on a resume, or what you can find out about… Read more

Construction, Industrial, Facilities Management Jobs Make People Happy

At Building Team Solutions, when we set out to help our clients find candidates for temporary staffing, permanent placement and traveling crews, we hope to do more than just simply find a person to fill in a job. We want to help our clients find the most accomplished candidates and build a perfect team, one that can cater to their specific needs and achieve their goals. In doing so, we build long-term, lasting relationships with both our candidates and clients. We want to not only create career paths, but also… Read more

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