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Can you be healthy at your new job?

You just landed a new job. You want to make a great impressions. You show up early. You leave late. But what about your health? Is there a way to take care of your health without your boss thinking you’re a germ nut? What about lunch? Can you go out to lunch with others without partaking in the alcohol or high-calorie foods? Below are my tips for fitting into a new employment environment while also remaining healthy! #1. Always take the stairs if you are traveling between two to three… Read more

Why Can Be A Waste of Time. and other a like websites can be a great resource, but for many these types of websites will not help gain employment. Here is why; Job boards typically are not the primary source of new hires. If you conservatively estimate that 50% of new hires come from other sources, then the theoretical maximum chance one has for finding a job through Monster drops to 10.5%. Many people use firms, like ours, to help them navigate real job leads. The main issue with is there is no way of… Read more

Be Creative, Get the Job!

Finding employment can be challenging. You have to be your own best cheerleader during a stressful time. Conjuring up enthusiasm about who you are as an employee doesn’t feel like the best thing to do, especially after being fired or laid off. So, how do you market yourself when you are stressed? We suggest getting creative to raise your spirits. Anyone can write a resume. What about exceeding the resume with a creative job seeking stunt? Try writing a blog about why you are seeking employment. You may not find… Read more

Tattoos in the workplace- can they harm your employment?

The workplace is changing. People are working more and more from home. The rules of what is considered to be professional attire evolves daily and more people are finding themselves “relaxed” when it comes to office formalities. So, what about tattoos? According to a 2010 Pew Research Center study titled Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next, 38 percent of millennials (ages 18-29) have at least one tattoo. What millennials fail to remember, however, is that although they have the right to express their personal identity, the people hiring them are… Read more

Finding A Job…. The Simple Version.

You need a job and you need one fast. There are tons of resources online. But where do you start? You know to dress well. You know the importance of great references and an even better resume. So, what are you missing? Let us help you with these three simple tips for finding a job – and finding it fast! #1. Where have you not looked? If you have been looking for a job for over 20 days and haven’t had one hit on your resume- change how you are… Read more

Twitter, The New Resume…..

It is a sign of the times. Twitter is starting to become a great way to post jobs, find jobs and connect professionals with great companies. In 2012, 45 percent of companies expect to increase their budgets for recruiting on Twitter and other social networks, according to a recent survey by TweetMyJobs, a Twitter-based job-finding service. If you are going to use Twitter, or any other social medium, to help amplify your job search, know there is a whole set of new rules to abide by. First, don’t use any… Read more

Handling “Trick” Interview Questions

There are occasions when an interviewer may be on the fence between yourself and another candidate. Usually when an interviewer is considering really hiring you, he or she will propose a few trick questions.  Have you ever come across any of these phrases during an interview;  “Describe when you were part of a team that could not get along.” “If you could change one thing about your last job, what would it be?” “Tell me about yourself.” Every one of the above three questions are specifically designed to be trick … Read more

5 Tricks to Impress Your New Boss!

So, you’ve landed a new job. Now, the trick is keeping that job. Here are five fail-safe ways to impress your boss and obtain promotions within the workplace.  #1. Don’t be on time, be early! Yes, bosses love employees who are early. Even if you are hourly, peep your head and let the poss know that you are there- even if you can’t clock in just yet. Arriving to your job early not only shows that you are responsible, it allows bosses to recognize your enthusiasm for the job!  #2.… Read more

How to overcome lack of experience on a resume.

Those who are entering the workforce for the first time and those who have been out of the workforce for some time all face the same challenge- lack of experience. Here is how to overcome the experience issue on a resume. Start by focusing on the skills you have. If you have related education credits, note them. Work with what you have and play up how skills can outweigh experience. For example, a person who is applying for a management position may lack management experience. You do have to be… Read more

The top 5 interview mistakes!

As the premier staffing agency in Texas people often ask us what are the best ways to score a job during an interview. Well, tonight I would like to talk about the top five things you can do to NOT get the job. It is unfortunate that these five things are commonly practiced, too!  #1 – Dress inappropriately. This mistake drives many employers crazy. I know today’s culture is a relaxed one but you are still applying for a job. Make sure you look presentable. Comb your hair, don’t wear… Read more