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8 Simple and Effective Tips for Recruiting with Social Media

Building a great company starts with hiring great people, and social media provides a way for you to directly connect to high-caliber employees. The exponential growth of social media sites provides unprecedented access to huge numbers of people who have posted their career experience and other information that recruiters look for. Gone are the days of hoping that hard-to-find talent stumbles upon a job post – social media makes it possible to seek out and contact great candidates directly. Here are some tips to help you make your social media… Read more

America’s Best Hipster Neighborhoods

Our office is officially in the HIP ZONE of East Austin!! East Austin has unseated South Congress and Travis Heights as Austin’s newest hipster home base, according to It not only touts some of the most highly rated Mexican eateries in the country but also coffee shops, a farmers market, and food trucks like the East Side King parked outside of bars and music venues every night. ~ FORBES MAGAZINE… Read more

What to seek out when reviewing resumes

Recruiters have a lot on their plate during the staffing search for the perfect candidate. There are certain approaches that do and don’t work. Knowing which is which is vital, as making the wrong hire out of a sea of resumes can be highly problematic. The average job recruiter now spends less time on average when reviewing candidate resumes, as higher numbers of applications make it difficult to determine whether they’re the best fit for the position, according to MarketingProfs. That’s a steep decline from the four to five minutes… Read more

Our Experience & Reputation

Our reputation is the very best in the industry, providing quality-recruiting services. Business and industry alike work with us because they trust our honesty, judgment, and ability to provide the best service possible. We understand you might have had bad experiences with other staffing companies. The staffing industry has blackened its own eye in this respect. Employer’s request service with a need for a specific occupation; agencies then dispatch many candidates until the right one is found. Without the right resources to assess the fine details and find the right… Read more

Texas Cities Best In Job Creation and Economic Strength: In Case You Missed It

Texas cities continue to catch the attention of national business and economic publications for their economic strength and job creation, taking top marks in recent rankings by Forbes and The Business Journals “When it comes to the critical areas of economic success and job creation, it’s no secret why Texas continues to set a national example,” Gov. Perry said. “It’s simple: we keep taxes low, maintain fair and predictable regulations, and protect our citizens from frivolous lawsuits. These free market principles have created an environment that allows hard-working Texans to… Read more


IF HIRED YOU NOT ONLY GET A GREAT JOB WITH ONE OF THE BEST COMPANIES IN AUSTIN – YOU ALSO CAN WIN A 3 NIGHT 4 DAY – CRUISE FOR (2)WE ARE HIRING IN OUR COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL SERVICES DEPT- SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS PLUMBING SERVICE DEPT: 2 each   –   COMMERCIAL SERVICE DEPT –  Journeyman Service repair technician                       RESIDENTIAL SERVICE DEPT – Journeyman Service or Tradesmen Repair Technician HVAC SERVICE : 2each  –     COMMERCIAL SERVICE (small commercial) Including restaurants and small retail; split systems; up to 30 ton unit… Read more

Hiring Your First Employee

The time has come to hire your first employee. Congrats. Now, what? While finding the right employee might seem simple- it isn’t. Each company has a different culture, which can impact standard duties and job requirements. Here are our tips for hiring the right first employee. Start with not trusting your instincts. This is business, not friendship. Nearly 40 percent of all job applications and resumes include bogus or inflated facts when not accompanied by a firm like ours (which vets for this type of stuff). Trusting your gut when… Read more

Your Employees ; Your Clients

I was doing some research on salespeople the other day and discovered there isn’t that much difference between selling products and selling a company from either end of the spectrum when it comes to sales people and HR specialists. Selling your company to a potential employee is just like a sales person sells a company’s products or services to clients. This said, the approach on either end of the spectrum should be the same. What do I mean? Well, let’s review; 1. Don’t over talk. You shouldn’t have to convince… Read more

Building a Remote Workforce

Yes, we can help you find and hire remote talent. The trouble with remote talent is sustainability. Are you able to keep remote talent engaged in what your company has to offer? When hiring, you want to consider employees who have worked independently before. This rule will outweigh experience. People who are able to work independently without much instruction will be a perfect match for a remote workforce employee. If you have to train someone to work independently, the habit is not embedded and it can cause sustainability issues. Be… Read more

Workplace Stress

We are all part of the daily grind. Regardless if we are seeking work, hiring employees, or are employees- we suffer from work-related and workplace stress. So, how do you combat this stress in order to function with accuracy and a pleasant demeanor? First, understand it isn’t the end of the world. Whatever it is you are worried about in relation to work – it isn’t a death sentence. Things may be bad, but stay positive. I know, it is easier said than done but a positive mental attitude will… Read more