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Jobs & Homelessness

I recently saw a press release discussing the issue of paying a decent wage versus employment and homelessness. Being in the employment industry, I see the constant struggle in our community with companies who do not pay a “living wage” adequate for people to live on. We decided long ago that our clients would be only those who have the same core principles as we do, which is to pay a decent wage and hire good employees who are treated well. I try to make sure we are aligned with… Read more

What Top Quality to Seek Out When Hiring!

Everyone will make their resume look great. So, how do you get by the paper sell and actually know when you're hiring a great employee? Seeking out amazing skills is harder than you think. We help our clients find the perfect employees because it is our company's main priority. It is what we here at Building Team Solutions do. But what if you want to learn this skill yourself? How do you seek out great qualities when hiring someone and what is the best quality to look for in a… Read more

Obamacare - 3 Easy Ways to Navigate It

Uh oh, it's almost Thanksgiving. Are you ready for the Obamacare deadlines? You should be, one has already passed! If you're like many HR specialist and business owners who are turned around by Obamacare, don't panic. I've come up with three easy tips to help you navigate Obamacare for your company. 1. You can afford to offer healthcare. Don't think you're going to be so heavily taxed that the penalties are a better option. If you have less than 25 full-time employees, you can actually get a tax credit for… Read more

Delegating. It's the Letting Go Part That's Hard!

Here's an issue I run into every once in a blue moon- a business owner who refuses to delegate but wants to hire someone. Yes, there are people out there who know they need help but can't let go of their control issues. Listen, in business you're going to have to hire. In fact, the need to hire means you're growing- a very good thing. But you can't do it on your own. You will need a great support team behind you. If you're having trouble delegating work and responsibility,… Read more

The Holiday Bonus

By now, many companies know what they can and can't do for holiday bonuses. But are you giving out holiday bonuses only because it is the holiday season? You don't have to give a bonus simply because it is expected. In fact, it defeats the purpose of it being an actual "bonus." So, when should you hand out a bonus (or not hand one out)? First, check out this Tower survey. Many companies admitted to giving out bonuses when employees didn't deserve them. Why!!!!! This money can be better spent… Read more

Slackers - They're Not Looking for Work

Here is my Friday story for you. I came across a business owner who was afraid to hire a much needed Guy Friday for his construction office. He was afraid he would pay a slacker, not a go-getter. While not everyone has the same work ethic as go-getters, this doesn't mean employees in general are slackers. We ended up having a real nice conversation and this business owner was stuck on a story from earlier in the year. He kept sighting the surfer dude in California named Jason used food… Read more

Top 3 Resumes Lies

I had an interesting conversation with a client the other day. He said lying on a resume is outdated since we have social media. Basically, he implied this practice is over and done with. While I wish I could agree, there are still those who try to stretch the truth when applying for a job. So, how do you tell when a potential candidate isn't being 100% honest? First, ask for transcripts. One of the worst and most common lies on resumes are college GPAs. Not many people are lying… Read more

The Healthy Workday

Ahh, you come to the end of your workday and reflect on all that you have accomplished. Your expense reports are done. You have met with your team to discuss goals and set deadlines. You've fired one employee and you've hired a new branding team. Your work here is done. So, how's your health. Did you start the day off with a high-calorie coffee and muffin? Maybe you took a snack from the vending machine and then ate a fast food burger at your desk. Not so accomplished after all,… Read more

Lunch At Your Desk? It's Why You're Failing.

I tried my best to fit in as many things as possible during the course of one day. I tried this for years. It didn't work out. This thought brings me to a habit I had, eating lunch at my desk. Not only did I think it impressed others and showed dedication and leadership, I truly felt that I didn't have enough time to eat lunch in the break room or at a restaurant. I then realized that lunch at my desk, especially as a CEO, was a bad habit… Read more

College - It Still Counts

The other day I heard someone say that college was a waste of time in this economy and job market. I couldn't disagree more. While more and more people are obtaining jobs meant for those with a college degree, there is something to be said for the levels of networking and character building brought on through the college experience. No one, and I mean no one, should let their future be dictated by the current challenges of society. Society's needs change, the value of a good education does not. Here's… Read more