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Hire More Employees To Increase Profits.

As a CEO I understand when  a client is concerned about hiring a new employee. There is more than a paycheck on the line. There are lots of other costs and time investments made when hiring an employee. Fortunately, Building Team Solutions can help ease some of these responsibilities.  For those of you CEOs and leaders reading this, who think hiring an employee will cut into profits, let me give you a few reasons why a new employee will help your business grow. Consider the following; Your current employees are… Read more

CEO Taxes. Are you ready for April 15th?

Tax day is tomorrow. If you're dreading this day then chances are you owe taxes.  As a CEO, our tax rate really is nothing to complain about when compared to individual and other tax rates. The rate is so low that CEOs tend to make more than their actual companies- that is on a large, Wall street level. An article from The Hill recently cited, "A prominent lobby group for chief executives is launching a campaign to build public support for reducing the corporate rate to 25 percent and limiting… Read more

Leadership Burnout- What To Do!

If you're a leader the chances for burnout are great. We all wish we could be a super hero, but burnout does occur. I've complied some great tips as to how to avoid Leadership Burnout. Step 1:  Talk with your peers. Set some time aside to have coffee with another leader. Discussing the feeling of burnout can offer you the chance to hear someone else's perspective as to what is really going on with your schedule or any other underlining issues. Step 2. Make a change. A small and simple… Read more

Can You Lead?

I've discovered two types of people.  They are leaders and followers.  There is no in between. People don't want to lead, they just do it. I've been amazed to read about all these leadership classes available online, in schools and within employment training programs. Leadership is like the ability to sing, you're just born with it.  This said, CEOs tend to have different styles- but they all know how to lead! Are you a leader? Here is how to tell; You know how to identify a need for change.  In… Read more

Construction Jobs Are Growing. Are You?

As a CEO, I am constantly growing. I learn new things, willing or not, on a daily basis. My goal is to help people find jobs that will last more than a year or so. I also try to help my business clientele find employees that are reliable and willing to work. The construction industry quickly became stale in 2008. The economy came to a stand-still and many jobs were lost, including administrative positions at construction companies. While some business owners and executives decided to ride the rough waves, others… Read more

Why in business CEOs need to not KEO .

KEO: Know Everything Ordinarily Acronyms are so easy to come up with, so let's add one more to our every growing list. Besides its less to type with your thumbs. Since most of us seem to be doing more thumb typing these days than talking or being at our office computer. Does anyone even have a desktop anymore? Knowing everything might seem ideal, especially for a leader. One might think that if you know it all, and always have an answer, then you garner respect and admiration from those around… Read more

Keeping An Employee- It's Harder Than You Think

Hiring can be a challenge. People have different qualifications, backgrounds and schedules. Pay can be an issue, too. Find the right employee and then keeping him or her often feels like a full-time job. Here are my tips, as the CEO of an employment firm, to keep long-term employees. #1. Be detailed orientated. Employees don't like when the directions or general expectations are unclear. Happy employees are long-term employees. If you set aside time to discuss long-term goals and expectations with an employee, he or she is likely to conform… Read more

Resume Red Flags- They're Out There!

Knowing what to look for when hiring an employee is a job within itself. There are specific red flags employers should be looking for when scanning a resume. Lack of detail following a job description is a major read flag. Potential employees are often eager to tell employers about all he or she did at their last employer. Lack of detail sends a message that either the job title is exaggerated or the employee truly didn't workout within the position. Employers should also look for unexplained gaps in employment. Anything… Read more

Don't Give A Raise; Handout Happiness!

As A CEO I learned one tried and true thing- money doesn't solve your problems and it will not make employees happier or more loyal. I always stress business owners should consider rewarding employees weekly, not yearly. And I don't think money should always be the reward. Here's why; Employees make mistakes. CEOs make mistakes. However, little mistakes are often forgotten by the time an annual review rolls around. I try to make a habit of immediately correcting and then forgiving. I believe in second chances. A simple correction and… Read more

Staying Stress Free When You're A Busy Bee!

It doesn't matter if you are a clerk, deliver the mail, run a Fortune 500 company or are a serial entrepreneur - stress can impact your health and stop the creative juices from flowing when it comes to working or even finding a job. But how do you stay stress free? I can help! Start with an outline of the day. Don't put times next to the tasks. Just note what tasks are priority and what tasks can be done by the day's end. This will help you get a… Read more