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Finding Wealth As A CEO or An Individual.

CEOs usually are paid well. But what if you're not a CEO? Or, a CEO without a grand salary? I've complied some tips to finding wealth as an individual or a CEO. These tips can help you grow your company and/or brand while not taking a bath when it comes to money. Start with equity. Yes, equity. 80% of wealthy people own stock either in themselves or businesses they believe in. 10% of the middle-class own equity. There is a huge difference in the numbers. Asking for equity or buying… Read more

How To Be Fearless.

Leaders need to be fearless. But what if you aren't born to go out and take the world on? What if you are more subtle with your approach? As a woman and a business owner, I wanted to share some of my secrets for being both fearless and subtle in business. I always treat a challenge head-on. This doesn't mean you have to be aggressive. It does mean you have to face your fears. If you hate speaking in public, face it. That is part of being fearless. Don't book… Read more

How To Make Awesome Decisions!!!!!!

Business owners and company leaders have to make critical decisions almost daily. You can get worn out from the stress- which can impact your ability to make decisions on a day-to-day basis. So, how do you make great decisions all the time? Let me share some of my personal secrets. Start with getting some sleep. Yes, getting sleep. I know it can be hard. Sleep is needed to help us become more productive during the day. Don't get sucked into the Starbucks or Red Bull lie. You may be energetic… Read more

Cutting Down On Employee Turnover... Really!

Employee turnover can be a problem. Either people move, find jobs with better pay, get offered management positions at competing companies or they have a million other reasons not to stay with your company. The best way to prevent employee turnover is to practice preparedness for all the above situations- and more! You want to build loyalty and a pleasant work environment. This is the biggest secret to keeping employees and keeping employees happy in general. Encouraging skill building, continuing education and providing an employee with the ability to share… Read more

You're Interviewing Someone Who Was Previously Fired. Do You Risk the Hire?

Statistics state that we will all be fired once in lifetime. Recovering can be hard. People hire employees for several reasons. Something as simple as a personality brush between working style and management style could dampen the outlook for an employee. How do you give a previously fired employee a second chance? I do have some tips. The best thing to do during the interview is to keep an open mind. Things happen. People are not always fired because they are bad employees. Maybe their skill set didn't match what… Read more

The Top 3 Qualities of A CEO.

CEOs need to be approachable, calm, stable, great decision makers, forward thinkers and more. But what truly makes a great CEO when you really examine the position? Honesty is first. Some might laugh these days but it is true. CEOs need to be accountable for the actions of the company that he or she represents. CEOs also need be reliable in the media's eyes. If a CEO fudges the truth or outright lies - the entire company will suffer. Forbes agrees. Recently Forbes cited, "Your business and its employees are… Read more

Are you in a professional rut?

It can happen. All of a sudden you are fresh out of ideas and your business looks grim. It is possible you are stuck in a rut. Generating creativity and motivation to be a "go getter" 100% off the time can be challenging.  I find the following tactics can help you dig out of any rut, especially in business. First, admit you are in a rut. Make a list of ten reasons why you feel you are in the rut. The next step requires noting which reasons are the top… Read more

Finding Great Employees on Twitter.

It can happen. You can be on Twitter and suddenly come across a compelling biography that screams "hire me!" So, is it worth looking into? Yes! More and more men and women are hiring talent based on Twitter profiles. But, you can be fooled. If you are going to start seeking job candidates on Twitter understand there are some tell-tale signs that the profile is great but the candidate isn't. So, how can you tell if you have a real lead? Always use a reliable app when seeking candidates on… Read more

How to Get Through A Bad Day at Work... or Interviewing

CEOs don't always have it easy. In fact, CEOs hardly ever have an "easy" day at work. There is a lot of stress involved in running a company. And, if you are active in hiring people - the stress can double. How then do you get through a hard day? Let me share some of my tips and tricks. First, I always do a good deed on a bad day. Not only are you helping someone else, you are picking your spirits up. If you are in bad interview after… Read more

Why Not Talking Business Can Harm Employees!

As a CEO I have to walk a fine line. I want my employees to know how much I value and appreciate them. However, I don't want to be involved in any aspect of their personal lives. And, this can be hard. Employees spend between 25-65 hours a week at work. Speaking about their personal lives is going to happen, but it should be limited. It is hard to run a successful company and maintain respect and authority once employees start spilling the beans about their challenges at the home-front.… Read more